Saturday, March 7, 2015

The measure of success

What is success? We measure ourselves, and when we improve on our measurements we feel good.  This is normal but how often do we actually deserve the success that we obtain.  Is there really a measure of merit that correlates with success in this life?

This week I had a finance test.  I did really well, I got 100% on it!  Which is awesome.  I feel really good, life is great, etc. etc.  The thing that I just don’t get is that I studied for half of the time that I did for the first finance test, and on that one I didn’t do so well. 

If it is just luck or the difficultly of the different tests then why do we still feel so much satisfaction when we do really well.  Maybe we need to just detach ourselves, this way when we score poorly we won’t feel upset either. 

I have thought a lot about these things in my entrepreneurship class.  The teacher who has sold businesses for hundreds of millions of dollars, has told us straight, I got lucky.  That luck is a huge part of being successful.  If it is luck, being at the right place in the right time, then what is the point?

While I am not about to quite trying, I am going to avoid stressing myself out about outcomes that I don’t have full control over.  I will do my part, and be happy with whatever is the result-- though it never hurts to get a 100%. 

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