Thursday, February 26, 2015

Salsa Dancing

I learned something new this week! I learned how to salsa dance! Well … pretend to salsa dance at least. 

I have a friend at work who is from Columbia and has been trying to get me to come to Salsa club with her for months, and getting me to come to salsa club is no easy task.  If you were to ask my friends my hobbies, dancing is not something that you’d hear.  I just never have been the biggest fan of dancing.  But my friends persistence paid off and I she finally broke me. 

Well, I still don’t really dance, but it was a lot of fun, or a lot of ‘funny’ rather (for the witness of my dancing crimes that is).  But definitely a positive experience and who knows if that is the last time that I will go to a dancing club, be it country dancing, square dancing or whatever.

The thing I learned is that is good to try out new things.  I’ll admit that I am an awkward person that is often out of my comfort zone, but believe me I don’t going looking for opportunities to embarrass myself.  But maybe I should.  Going out of your way and trying new things can give one a broader perspective on the world. 

I don’t think I am going to try to become a talented salsa dancer or anything, in fact I know I won’t.  But I can now say that I have done it.  I don’t have to say that I would be a horrible dancer, now I have confirmation.   

I am going to make sure that I jump on future opportunities to learn new things, especially things that I have never tried before.  Who knows I may find a passion or hobby that I didn’t know existed.


  1. "Dancing crimes"- nice! Humorous and inspiring post. I am not much for dancing either, but if the opportunity comes up, I may just take it now. There's no growing in the comfort zone!

  2. I think that we often miss out on the greatest opportunities in life because of fear. What a shame! I'm glad you decided to just go for it and try something new. I think that any time we expand our horizons, we build character and learn more about ourselves. Also, I've found that when I do something new, I become more confident and sure of who I am. Good feelings all around!

  3. I love this. It's always really good to step outside and try new things. Sometimes it's just easiest to embrace that we may not be the best or we look goofy but if you can just embrace it, no one really cares. I always just try to make people laugh. I've been to salsa club and it's definitely not the easiest thing the first couple times but you just gotta stick with it!

  4. I'm glad to hear you learned something new. I agree that we should try new things because we never know what we might enjoy. As students at BYU there are always different activities available. I think it is a good idea to attend those activities and clubs to find out what we really like.

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  6. My freshman year, I decided to try out something new. Winter semester, I signed up for Dance 180, and I LOVED IT. Sure, I looked awkward at first, but the more classes I took and the more I practiced, the more fun it got. You're awesome for branching out and trying something new! If you want to try out country dancing, the BYU club meets on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm. It's way fun, and they teach you the basics for 30 minutes before setting you loose. It's way fun! You should try it out!