Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cosmic brownie vs. Tillamook yogurt.

At the end of last week I started to feel a cold coming on.  I didn’t pay much attention to it, until the next week.  While I was bemoaning and coughing Monday which was really sad because it was holiday, I began to consider my health.  I realized that maybe there is more that I could do to keep myself healthy. 

Being a college student it can be hard to eat healthy foods and when you are feeling sick it probably isn’t a good idea to go to drink a gallon of Tampico, eat at Waffle Love, and down a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.   –hence I got sick.

I am not a health major but I feel that sugar is really bad when you are trying not to catch a cold.  So to recover as quickly as I could I decided to get extra sleep and restrain myself from consuming sugary foods, it was hard.

My first temptation: A cosmic brownie. 
I went shopping with a friend who bought a box of Cosmic brownies.  After sampling a piece of one I was offered one for myself, which I obviously accepted.  But then I remembered my goal.  This brownie surely would be the end of me.  So I was strong, and I put it away to save it for later. 

Because I had just gone shopping I sat down and pulled out a Tillamook yogurt, harmless I thought.  Out of curiosity I decided to see how much sugar was in my nice little yogurt . . . 27 grams! What? I jumped over and took the box of brownies from my friend, 26 grams! 

I was shocked.  A yogurt has more sugar than a cosmic brownie?

Being healthy is hard work.  I think that we have stigmas with certain foods.  In reality there is so much unsolicited junk food all around us.  I am going to try to educate myself on the foods that I eat.  This will be a good habit that will either lead me to eating healthy, or, realistically, just end up helping me justify eating a good old cosmic brownie.  

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  1. You're health is everything! This is all so true! I've learned that cooking at home is so much better, cost wise, and health wise as opposed to packaged food. But man those brownies are so good! The temptation is real.