Friday, March 13, 2015

Coming Home

This week my friend who I trained on a two year mission just arrived home.  It caused me to reflect that I have been back in America for ten months now.  Much has happened in these ten months.  Yet I always wonder what more I could be doing with my life. 

Elder Thompson who got home this Wednesday is going to be going through a transition into non-missionary life.  It was something many people here in the Provo area go through.  I remember on the mission Elder Thompson and I would talk about life back home.  What we had done, and what we planned on doing.  We imagined what it would be like.  Two years is a long time. 

It is really interesting to me to see how things have changed.  I am in the thick of life with classes and such that I rarely take time to have a good reflective view on my life as I had did the mission.  I think that it is really important to always take a good inventory of our lives and our goals.  I want to more regularly consider the larger scope of my life.  To not get so lost in the thousands of things that I have to do.  If we take our lives in perspective more often I think that we can plan for, and end up having more meaningful lives.  

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  1. Getting back from a mission is definitely an adjustment. I've been back for two and a half years and I still feel like I'm adjusting. I've learned that life will never stop being an adjustment. We're always constantly learning and growing. We're always changing and it's important to always remember what's most important throughout all these changes. We must always remember what's most important and base our decisions off of that.