Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Joys of Shared Apartments

I like living in an apartment with 5 other dudes.  It can be fun, at times a blast, until. . .

One Problem that I have is that I work early morning custodial, not a resume builder but it keeps me fed.  Because I wake up at 4:15 a.m., I usually try to get to some shut eye early so that I can avoid the same (eye’s being shut), the next day in class.  I love my roommates.  I love my roommate’s friends.  I consider my roommates friends as my friends.  But sometimes they need be my friend,… some other time. 

I guess it is an inner conflict of telling people that it is time to leave.  I am not scared of offending, I am good at that, I just need to be responsible and do it. 

People are finally getting the hint. The other day I had my covers over my head while someone in the room (who doesn’t live at our apartment) was doing homework and talking to my other roommate.  It took them a while but they finally realized it would be a good idea to leave. 

My favorite was there was this one night where I came home to 4 to 5 people in my room all with laptops and headsets etc. having a StarCraft tournament.  (My room’s not that big by the way).  It was cool and all being surrounded by coordinated warfare with the sound effects and all, but sleeping more than 5 hours is nice as well.

I can’t really blame anyone but myself.  If I want to, I can just ask people to leave.  I am going to be more responsible from now on and get to bed on time.  To do it I am going to have to enlist the support of my roommates/their friends in this worthy cause. 


  1. The struggle is real! I completely agree with your stance, the best thing to do is to just lay it all out there. Let your roommates and friends know exactly how the situation is. That way you can get the sleep you need to function. They will surely understand! Good luck with the shut eye.

  2. Cameron,

    I think as college students, all of us have had some form of a less-favorable roommate situation at some point or another (and if you haven't, well major kudos to you). In my experiences, although it is really difficult to do, I have found that direct, straight-forward communication is often the best course of action. A previous roommate and I had very different perspectives regarding tidiness; retrospectively, if I had been more open with my concerns, a lot of contention would have been avoided. Sometimes people just don't realize that their behaviors or actions are disagreeable with your own.

    I wish you all the best!

  3. Story of my life! haha how funny. One thing that has worked for me is setting expectations and telling my roommates that I need to go to bed early. They usually understand and move forward. I have also noticed that you just need to let the anger of them keeping you up go away. If you can try, block them out of your mind and think of relaxing. When you choose that sound and other noises won't keep you up, it doesn't! Super weird thing that works for me. Give it a try.